where do I register?

Only subscribe to this telegram page and you are good to go:

We don't believe in spamming or data collection, so there is no registration required to join this camp.

But, please subscribe to the #teamtanay Telegram page to stay updated about any announcement regarding the neoG.camp.

Subscribing to this Telegram page is similar to signing up for this course. It's only required so that you get prompt notifications about the boot-camp and the courses.

Free and open live sessions on the YouTube Channel:

levelZero will be live, free, and open for everyone. The sessions will be held on the YouTube channel of our mentor, Tanay Pratap. You can subscribe to the channel so that you can join or watch later the live sessions.

We were getting so many questions around registrations that we had to do this:

Want to be a part of the social media community OR you don't have Telegram:

Also, we must tell you about the social media community of our mentor, Tanay Pratap, and the neoG.camp.

Join the community and enjoy the on-going talks and discussions:

for levelOne

Once the levelZero is completed, we will ask you to fill your project links (the ones you that you will create in levelZero) in a form. Accordingly, if selected you can pay your admission fee and start your six-month course. To understand the step-by-step procedure please read "How do I get into levelOne?".

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