what is neoG.camp?

A bootcamp that revives the learning for new(neo) generation(+G) programmers.

You can either read the entire thing or watch the first 20 minutes of this video to get the gist.

the first lesson is out!

tldr; how to register?

levelZero for the cohort of 2021 started on 14th November, 2020. You should complete the levelZero lectures, if you wish to enroll for the next cohort of 2022 of the neoG Camp.

It is open for all. You can catch it live on Youtube.

To get regular updates subscribe to this telegram page

We don't need ur email or any detail for levelZero. More details on registration process for bootcamp

what's new in our approach?

The science part of computer science engineering has become about mugging up Data Structures and Algorithms. We aim to bring back the joy of creating, the engineering part. Do more, create more, learn while doing. Do all of this with a peer group.

Read details about our new approach.

who is this for?

join if you are a/an:

  1. Beginner: If you are a beginner and have never written a single line of code, but want to learn; or

  2. Intermediate: If you are at an intermediate level and wish to learn best practices that will help you to land a job or in your job; or

  3. Job-seeker and job-shifters: If you are looking for a job and wish to get placed or if you want to change your job, no matter your experience or field; or

  4. Keen Learner: If you love coding or wish to learn it in a closed network similar to the classroom experience, where you will have a dedicated group to make friends and network.

of any age, from any field in industry, and any stage of your education.

why are we doing this?

Oh! It's a long story. The shorter version is that we want people to enjoy programming by making things they can share. The next level then takes more dedicated students to get them to industry level while learning advanced stuff on React Ecosystem. Read more on the motivation for doing this

why you should consider this course?

The short answer is that this course is: beginner-friendly, takes you to advanced level, fun to do and have an interview lined up at the end. The long version with much more details is on why this course

how is this camp structured?

This camp is structured in three simple parts: levelZero for everyone, levelOne for serious folks and then job interviews for levelOne finalists.

Read about the structure in detail on camp structure

what is the timeline for the camp?

Cohort of 2022

  • levelZero: Start right now and make your portfolio.

  • levelOne: Will start in February 2022. (Admissions will start shortly. Please fill the waitlist form.)

  • Placement(optional): Will start around May, 2022. (Get your job in June!)

Cohort of 2021

  • levelZero: From November 14th, 2020 - December 12th, 2020

  • levelOne: Started on 14th February 2021 - July 2021

  • Placement(optional): Will start around May (Get your job in June!)

who is teaching?

If you are here, chances are you already know Tanay Pratap. He's a software engineer at Microsoft by the day and a teacher to thousands of students by the night. If you want to know more about this Batman read more about your teacher

how can I stay updated?

We are there where you are. If you're on instagram, or twitter or telegram, we are there. We have a 7500+ welcoming student community on Discord. You can find all the details on staying updated

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