is there financial aid?

We believe that money should not be a barrier to your success if you have completed levelZero and have been selected for levelOne. To enable you to secure your seat in levelOne and change the economic scenario of your family by getting a job by June 2021, we have reserved seats for financial aid.

who can apply for financial aid?

The financial aid/scholarship is open for

  1. people who can and are ready to get placed in June 2021; and

  2. people whose family income is less than Rs. 40,000 a month.

Hence, you can apply if you are going to graduate by June 2021 or anyone looking to shift their job and is eligible to join in June 2021 and the monthly income of your family is less than Rs.40,000. Our partner and we are there to help you to land a job or you can take it by yourself (no barriers of any kind to your success).

why such criteria to apply for aid?

  1. It is for people who have less income in their families and can utilize this program more by starting earning as soon as possible. That one seat can enable that person to increase the monthly income of their family by 40-50k. That's a huge value add to a family who's not able to pay 30k + 18% GST as fees.

  2. For the students who are in the 1st-3rd year and have time to graduate, we apologies that the financial aid is not for you for now. We are really sorry. We hope that your family income improves by the time you enter your 4th year and if not, we promise you to be there and provide you the financial aid needed for this course, at that time.

  3. The overall intent is to help, we apologize if our words or structure hurt any of your sentiments.

The hope behind this whole camp is to help the community at large. We understand that you wish to join first, but let's give the chance to people who can join a job immediately and change their and their families’ lives.

Further, think of it like this: they will become your alumni. They'll go and work hard and create a name for Next time the same companies will come to hire, to repeat the success and you will get more opportunities to land a better job.

what if I am not eligible for financial aid?

We request you to apply for financial aid only if you really need it. If you are not eligible for the financial aid and are still worried about the fee amount, we have EMI options as well. Anyone can apply for EMI, there is no eligibility for it.

how to apply for financial aid?

Before this, we hope that you understand why we are charging the admission fees in the first place and why levelOne is not free like levelZero. Please read, "Why are we charging this fee?".

The process to apply will be simple and start only after levelZero is completed:

  1. When you fill the form for levelOne, there will be a checkbox to apply for the financial aid, check that box. (We request you to apply only if you need the aid.)

  2. If and when you will qualify for the levelOne, we would ask you and your guardian to sign an affidavit stating that "we are signing this affidavit to avail the scholarship because our family income is less than Rs. 40k per month and you will pay us the fees whenever you get the job, in time." It will not matter if you get placed through our partner,, or outside, whether you pay us immediately or take your time and there won't be any interest.

You must know that for the return of aid:

  1. You don't' have to pay us the fees from your first salary: We understand first salaries are special and we wish to share the joy where we helped you get placed and increase your family income from Rs. 40k to Rs. 80k per month.

  2. No time-bound: You can take your time, you can pay us in 6 months after your job, easily. We are not a bank, we just want you to be cautious about your decisions and we will use your fees to help someone else. The intent is always to help.

  3. Just pay your exact fees, No interest, No Income sharing model: The fees will be the exact amount that is here now, the financial aid won't ask you to pay anything extra ever. We won't be following any ISM (income sharing model) where you are to share 10-15% of your income every month in return of this financial aid. We don't believe in that form of help.

why are we asking you to pay back?

Your promise is all about paying the one student fee (your fee) exactly Rs. 30k + 18% GST without any interest or any other attachments, whenever you start earning (no time-bound). The reason we are asking you to pay back is to help someone like you to change their and their families' lives. We will use that money to provide help for someone else for the next program.

Important: You have to pay the financial aid back if you avail of the aid and do not complete the course. The reason behind this is that you will be someone who had wasted someone else's chance to secure a job by getting this financial aid. We request you to be mindful of this.

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