levelZero guide

This level is for an absolute beginner. If you do this level, you will

  • write your first program
  • host your first site
  • make your own portfolio + blog
  • write a vanillaJS app
  • write your first react app

and do assignments for all of these.

class calendar

Find timings and link of every class scheduled for levelZero on the calendar

details and guides

With every class for levelZero there is a companion guide. You can access all the details on plan for levelZero

getting help

If you have doubts anywhere during levelZero, we have a strong Discord community. We have been doing programming together for 2+ years now and the basic level will be easy to troubleshoot for our champs.

Go to Discord Server and ask doubts in the general-coding channel.

verification on Discord

While you are completing levelZero with the help of guides, you can get your project verified and attain higher roles in Discord. Read more

but what if I know all this?

Then don't do it. However, if you want to go to next level i.e. levelOne of the bootcamp. Go to levelOne qualifier doc and read about it in detail.

levelZero guide

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