get your projects verified

To gamify the entire learning process. And to have the feeling that you're working with a community, the admins of discord have created nine roles for the camp participants.

These roles are based on the nine point system. Please read this document to understand the projects you need to submit. These nine things will be made one by one every week during levelZero classes. All of the details are mentioned in the doc, please read it before moving forward.

We would suggest that even if you are not planning to go to levelOne, you should participate to have fun!

Join TeamTanay Discord

some rules

  • no extra points for doing it early
  • be fair, you are only cheating yourself
  • you can not bug admins to check your submission fast, this is a volunteer effort

what do we have to do?

Check this instagram post which explains the process one by one

what's the deadline for doing this?

There is absolutely no deadline whatsoever. This is going to go on forever. Whenever you join #teamtanay, whenever you start your coding journey, even after the first version of neogcamp is over, feel free to do this.

will this help in getting into levelOne?

Yes, if you have verified projects before the application form is public you can submit your Discord ID with role as a screenshot. This will help us prioritise your application and schedule in person interview on priority.

This decreases our team's work when the application form goes public for levelOne. Therefore, we suggest that you do this if you're serious about levelOne.

is this mandatory to do to get into levelOne?

No, absolutely not. Submitting projects on Discord is not mandatory. We understand that due to exams or some other reason you might not be able to participate in this fun activity. We don't want to penalize you for that.

Do realise however, that you need to have the projects ready for the admission form (details of which will come soon) in case you want to qualify for levelOne. Submitting it every week is the easiest way to get ready and thus we recommend it.

can I submit levelZero projects for elevateLabs

First, if you don't know what elevateLabs is then check it out.

Second, no, these are basic projects and thus would not be considered for Elevate Labs program.

levelZero guide

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